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Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are specifically made to protect your eyes from the effects of blue light that is emitted from commonly used electronic screens, such as your computer, phone, or tablet. The best way to combat the annoyances and potential harmful effects of blue light is by using the convenience of anti blue light glasses. Considering anti blue light glasses may be the answer to keeping your eyes fresh and healthy, encouraging a calmer demeanor, and improving sleep habits.

The Negative Effects of Blue Light

When blue light is emitted from your electronic screens, it directly affects your eyes, and may result in headaches and irritability. You may not realize it, but shielding yourself from blue light can have a major positive impact on your health, especially over an extended period of time. Anti blue light glasses can help minimize the negative effects of blue light. Eye fatigue and migraine headaches are both common with increased exposure to blue light. Over time, your eyes will become tired, strained, and blurry. With the continued daily usage of screened devices, there is the potential for heightened physical discomfort or pain after or during your screen sessions. The blue light from your devices can trigger mood changes and an overall decrease in functionality due to blue light effects. Anti blue light glasses are an extremely safe and easy way to combat the blue light emitted from your devices.

Protecting Your Eyes During Screen Time

Electronic devices have become a part of our lives, whether it is for work or play, screen time is often an everyday occurrence. Anti blue light glasses allow your eyes to be protected from the blue light. It is as easy as simply putting the glasses on and taking them off, just like sunglasses. You owe it to your eyes to keep them protected while working, playing, or relaxing with a screen in front of you. Whether it is for work, school, down time, or all of the above, anti blue light glasses will help you stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

How Do Blue Light Glasses Work

The main objective of blue light glasses is to stop blue light from reaching your eyes. The application of specially coated blue light lens technology is used effectively to block the harmful HEV (blue) light from screens in an assortment of devices, including desktop, laptop, or handheld. The special technology is harnessed within the lens, and the frames act as any normal glasses or sunglasses would, as far as comfort in wear is concerned. There is no elaborate contraption. Blue light glasses are a simple and convenient solution to eye fatigue, headaches, and more.

Who Needs Blue Light Glasses?

Anyone who uses screened devices should consider taking advantage of anti blue light glasses. Providing a safer screen time experience is not just vital to office workers who may sit in front of a computer all day. It is important to make screen time safer for at home usage as well. From editing documents to watching a movie or playing a game, blue light emission happens constantly. By using anti blue light glasses, you can be more productive in your job due to increased focus and fluid thought process.

Carve Blue Light Glasses

The Blue Light Collection from Carve combines highly effective anti blue light performance with the well-established unique style of Carve products. You can count on Carve to always produce high-quality glasses, and that includes fashionable protective eyewear to shield blue light. No prescription is needed. Carve anti blue light glasses are available in an assortment of styles, frames, and colors at a great price. Your pair of anti blue light glasses will be hand finished with a polycarbonate frame and 5-barrel stainless steel hinges, so they are durable enough to provide the protection you need with the reliability of long lasting craftsmanship. For optimal screen time productivity and improved optical health, look to a trusted brand like Carve to deliver high quality anti blue light glasses.

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