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Floating Sunglasses

Floating sunglasses offer wearers a chance to easily retrieve their sunglasses should they end up in water. Unforeseen events can quickly knock glasses into the water while playing or working. Whether you are enjoying a day at the pool or out on the ocean, wearing floating sunglasses will ensure your sunglasses are not unfortunately lost because of an accidental drop, slide from your boat, or jostling due to high impact activities. Protect your sunglasses investment while you protect your eyes with specifically developed sunglasses created to prevent sinking and damage that may occur in water.

How Floating Sunglasses Work

By implementing the use of hydrophobic lenses, the developers of floating sunglasses are able to produce water resistant lenses. Lenses with a hydrophobic coating will repel water and prevent water from beading on the lenses, which allows you to have a clearer view while your lenses are protected from excess water. The frames of floating sunglasses are made with materials that allow them to rest on top of water, preventing them from sinking. Memory tech frames allow your sunglasses to be extra durable and resistant to potential damage caused by dropping, hitting, or other potential impact damage. Test your floating sunglasses out by dropping them into your nearest pool. You will see they sure enough float and the lenses repel water.

The Convenience of Floating Sunglasses

Floating sunglasses are highly effective in preventing the loss of your sunglasses in water, making them extremely convenient. With the assurance your sunglasses can be easily retrieved, floating sunglasses allow you the opportunity to spend your time focusing on having fun or working hard. The next time you think about purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, take into consideration the convenience of floating sunglasses, especially if you are constantly around water.

Who Needs Floating Sunglasses?

If you frequently visit the water and want to protect your eyes from UV rays, consider floating sunglasses. Maybe you enjoy days at the beach with a lot of in-water play. Maybe you work on a fishing boat or as a water guide. Whatever it is that brings you to the water, you can make sure it has your total attention without the distraction of making sure your sunglasses are always on you. With floating sunglasses, you do not have to worry about losing your sunglasses as a result of them sinking.

Consider floating sunglasses to protect not only your eyes but your investment in sunglasses. Effectively filtering out UV rays with stylish and dependable sunglasses is a great option for those who are active in and around water. From sports enthusiasts like surfers and water skiers to those more inclined to enjoy the water casually in short periods, floating sunglasses can be extremely beneficial. If you plan on being around or in water with the sun shining down on you, floating sunglasses will come in handy. Even if you are not actively in the water, floating sunglasses are the type of sunglasses that will have a greater longevity due to the durability of the frames and lenses. Your sunglasses will last longer, making your investment in floating sunglasses worth it, especially if you experience them accidentally ending up in the water.

Carve Floating Sunglasses

With the floating sunglasses collection from Carve, you can rest at ease knowing your sunglasses will be safe while you are in or around water. You can enjoy your water time without worrying about losing your sunglasses in the water. Carve floating sunglasses are hand finished with built-in hinges, memory tech frames, and de-boss badging. The hydrophobic polarized lens used provides the optimal technology for water resistance and clearer vision capability. With 100% UV protection and no glare, your eyes will be efficiently protected from the sun. Carve floating sunglasses are a dependable and fashionable product that performs at a high level. Choose from a variety of style and color options in the well-priced Carve floating sunglasses collection. You can count on Carve to consistently deliver the most reliable and efficient floating sunglasses that fully meet the needs of their customers.

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